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Sunday, June 12, 2011


MOVIE: Tangled
AUTHOR: Disney

FINISHED: 5th May 2011
DEBUT: 8th May 2011 at SVS-con

I love this cosplay! She's been so damn difficult and expensive, but dang I love this girl! XD Haha, she is so cute and I love to be her. :) The wig is a pain though after wearing it in a long time, but meh thats minors. :)
I can't believe how lucky I am to have my sister as Flynn and Samie as my Mother Gothel..! (Go to Samies blog if you wanna see the amazing progress of her costume!)

Hey! Go visit my Flynn Ryder:

We won for best craft! My sister totally derserved that! Look at her work: wantedlupin

My sister have uploaded our act if you are interested in seeing it. ;)
We are just fooling around and having fun! :)

Thank you for viewing my Rapunzel cosplay! :)

Beneath you will see the whole progress of my Rapunzel costume. It is made for the people who would follow the progress while it was on, and now when the costume is finished for people who might consider doing the costume as well.! :D I hope it can be at help! If you are to make the costume, but do not understand the pictures, feel free to write me a mail at lillykitsune@gmail.com and I will explain or take pictures to your help. :) But remember that the great thing about cosplay is also to figure out how to do it! ;) But are you stuck, write me! :D

If you want to see the progress from the start, you have to scroll down to the bottom, since it is in "updated"  sequence. :)

I'M DONE! Who knew right?
Photos will be uploaded after this weekend at SVS-con! :)



Okay! An update with lots of pictures! This will probably be the last one before pictures of the final costume... Why? BECAUSE I HAVE TO MAKE IT UNTIL THIS FRIDAY! Kill me for not being more focused on it... I will still upload progress photos later on. Enjoy photo hell!

 Dude... I remade this... The paint was too dark... T_T This is how it looks now:


Last weekend I was in Greve at a very good friends place. We were 6 active Cosplayers working on our different cosplays. It was so much fun! :) I was a bit down Friday though, since I had a huge headache all week, and was totally wasted when the evening came. But beside that! We got to see lots of Disney movies and I got a (little bit) farther with my Rapunzel costume!

I have found out that I'm gonna be a much more purple Rapunzel rather than pink.... But well.. In my world she will be purple!

I have changed the dark fabric in the middle.
I have no idea how I thought this would look the slightest good:

Freaking brodery on her dress! It kills me! Unfortunately all the light threat you see I am doing here - was afterward removed in great remorse... It was not good.. T_T Thank you Yoshu for helping me removing it again! XD

Her underskirt... Why am I taking so long for a underskirt! It is almost finished. :)

 "Thats a lot of hair" It sure is! and a hell to work with!
This is how far my sister is with my wig! She made it while I was a school.. <3

 Okay.. The thing is... My mom and dad doesn't really like the idea of my sister and I using the living room for doing cosplay anymore, since we used it almost the entire last year because of the WCS.... So now we're kinda stock in our small rooms... So my room right now... is... MESSY!
 Doing a costume? What is your best friend? REFERENCE PICTURES! And because Rapunzel is more complex than she seems at first - I got a lot of pictures..! :)

Basic of the skirt... Lot of pieces..
 "Thats a lot of hair..."
It sure is dear Thug! And because of that, my sister and I ordered two different wigs here.. One in good quality and one which is reeeaaally bad.. XD BUT! The thing is! The bad quality wig is being cut up and sewn into the good quality wig:

 Wola! I am making the version where she has it braided with flowers, and that is a very thick braid. XD
 Me being nonchalant with the really ugly unfinished wig on...


  1. Lillyy, u wrote "Tanled" on the picture!

  2. Awesome! =D I have to sleep at night, and not try to revive my cosplay page! XD Thank you! I would never have noticed! XD

  3. It's such a nice cosplay! and you did it so well not to mention I still see your face whenever I see Rapunzel! xD

  4. where did you buy the wig from?

  5. i am looking for a Rapunzel wig because I want so bad to cosplay her! Do you have any advice on where to get one?

  6. do you know a good store to get a rapunzel wig from? i'd like to know please if you do. Thanks

  7. Oh hey! Ehm, the wig is as you can see sewn together by two and extensions. :S I do not think it is possible to find a wig that is long and thick enough. I searched for a Godiva wig at Ebay, and else a long blonde wig. :)