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Saturday, December 26, 2009

WCS 2010 Report


This is my little review of the event and how I experienced it.
Hope it wont come out in a wrong way that can be misunderstood.

Sorry for bad English, Grammatik mistakes or wrong expressions.


Sayonara Japan, back in Denmark. 19 days in the fantastic country, around 7 of them attending the World Cosplay Summit 2010. Never have 19 days been so filled with experiences; never have a thing made so big impression on me as the WCS did.

28th July

My sister and I arrived in the Nagoya airport the 27th July in company with Team Germany, Team France and Team Italy from the German airport. J It was funny to finally meet some of the other teams, and an extreme feeling to see them after watching their amazing skits and costumes. Though my stupid shyness held me from do direct compliment on it all…

The Nagoya International Hotel was beautiful, and I was so filled with excitement and nervous feelings. The long flight had taken hard on me, so my sister and I, took a nap before doing anything else. When the night approached we went out eating with some teams, organisers and photographers. It was really nice. J

29th July

Today my sister and I joined for a little trip to the Nagoya Castle. It was fun to see. The first ”as good as Japanese monument/building.” Also nice to get to talk to the others a bit more, though again I’m shy but I did my very best. XD

We had a smaller meeting about the light to the Championship. The “storyboard” we had made from home, and sent to them, had somehow changed in the one they had printed out (layout) and some arrows and seconds that was pretty important in the picture we had of our act had been lost. L So a lot of explanation… I felt so bad for sounding too “this is how it’s gonna be” kinda… But I so wanted it to turn out the way I had seen it in my head while I made the choreography as well. So it was somewhat important that the audience could experience the idea as well. J I don’t wanna sound bitchy, but the light at the Championship did not turn out the way we had explained, though they had the music, and we told them the exactly seconds but yeah... That was a bit sad, when I watched our performance afterwards. I had hoped the audience would see what I saw when I made up the dance with the emotions and atmosphere the light should have produced. But done is done, and though I was scared/nervous/paranoid as hell I enjoyed doing our performance, and hoped the audience enjoyed as well…

30th July
Press Day! The first day with cosplays. First we had a meeting for when to perform at the Championship. We were already in the 2nd part of the show. In group with Italy, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Of course sis forced me to go pick the paper with the number, and of course compared to all other times I’m in charge of that I get number 1. X/ Okay, it’s fine… We’ll open round 2. As long as it was dark in Oasis 21, then we would be happy to perform whenever we were sat. J

Well. Press day! The Pandora Heart costumes were taken out for a walk. J It was nice finally to be in cosplay, and to watch the other teams… Woooaaw. I lost my jaw to every costume the other teams presented. They were truly amazing! But I must admit the costumes that almost made me faint were Team Mexico and Team Australia. You guys rock to hard, and meeting you and seeing your costumes have made me insanely motivated for really learn this craft...!

It was a long and very “moving” day. (Yay for bad English expressions) We were being moved a lot from one place to another, but it was really funny… Though in the Airport when we were going to the roof, the sun was burning. When we sat down in group to get pictures taken, the sun was directly in my eyes. XS My eyes is very easily irritated by the sun, so it was an extreme hell for them. XD Then the contact lenses began itching and I think some of the eyelash glue wanted to join the party as well, so I think most of the pictures from that roof is with closed eyes. X/ God I’m bad at that… cough, cough…

I felt so bad sometimes when we were asked different questions. (Again good English) every time an answer came out of my mouth I slightly regret what I had said afterwards. XP I was so bad at explaining anything and wanted to say it so many other ways. But that’s that. Things like that always happen. XD Yay, what makes us human.

31st July

Red Carpet and Osu Parade! Woo! Waow. That was… Awesome. XD And so unrealistic. We met AKB48 and it was just awesome when people took pictures and to be presented as a country that way. XD The Osu parade was filled with people, and when they recognised your character, they became so happy… When we were walking I couldn’t do anything else than just smile my mouth off. All the smiling faces, and interested people in this parade, was amazing. Nevertheless it was the hottest thing I ever tried. XD Never ever will I complain about hot weather again. Because with costume, wig, and walking, sweating and still smile and wave no hot weather will ever be able to threaten me again. XD But what ever! It was awesome, and I enjoyed being a part of it together with the other amazing teams! =D

When we were finished we had a short amount of time to get ready to the rehearsals for the Championship. We were one of the teams who had a little longer time, but we hurried so we could get on the bus, and see the first groups rehearsals as well. J I was so extremely exited to see what the other teams were doing! I can’t explain with words how much I wanted to see the performances. Like a child Christmas Eve. Just stronger. X/ Waa… USA’s act made me cry. X/ The music and their story was just really sweet. J

1st August
CHAMPIONSHIP DAY! Wooooo… Waking up with the heart pounding and adrenalin shaking the whole body. Today was the day for the championship and god I was exited and nervous at the same time. First we practised the opening and ending a couple of times. And then it was just “the day off” until we should meet again in full cosplay and ready to go to Oasis 21 and perform. I was nervous. But tried to constantly calm my self, and it worked a bit. At least it wasn’t visible. The championship was over before it started. Or that was how I felt it. Something that you have waited so long for was suddenly just over. It was fantastic to see the others acts, though it was behind the stage. It was terrifying to perform. I made a obvious mistake in the start of our performance, and god I felt like hitting my self on stage. It was a mistake that just “didn’t happen” it was one of the easiest parts of the act that hat always worked when we practised, and then HELLOW nervousness and puff away from my brain it was. T_T Damn. Sorry sis. I tried to work it out so it wasn’t visible. Hmm that was it. And then of course the light.. BUT! Daim, it was cool anyway. J I’m not a spotlight bitch, but I do like to perform in front of an audience, I hope to give them an experience. So I damn enjoyed! =D

Italy won! It was nice. They looked amazing! Congratulations. :D

Though I must admit I didn’t quite like the way the points were given, or better said the way they were showed… Nevertheless!

I don’t know exactly how I can end this journal. I just wanna conclude the whole event, as the most fantastic experience in my life. I’m so glad and so honored to have met all those amazing people from different countries. In one single week be able to make some friends that I already miss, and really wanted to spend more time with, and really hope I’ll meet again in a near future. It was amazing to be a part of the show of such terrific performances, and perform as well.

I can surely say that I’ve been extremely motivated by all the participants, by their fantastic talent in sewing and nothing less than their wonderful personalities! Wow! I’ve become so sure that Cosplay is so much more than just a hobby where you construct copy of a character in real life. It’s an amazing gathering point. I never meet so creative, kind, open minded, unique and funny people like I have from Cosplay! This was an amazing and experience rich event.

Thank you all for a great World Cosplay Summit 2010!

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